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ZERO single elas. lanyard w/scaff hook -2M

ZERO single elastic lanyard w/scaff hook -2M

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ZERO Stretch elasticated lanyard with Scaff hook

An essential item for any height safety kit. Elasticated webbing lanyard with scaff hook.


  • Total extended length is 2m, with the elastic cover helping to reduce slack which could become a trip hazard.
  • Includes shock absorber. The shock absorber will tear to absorb the energy in the event of a fall.
  • Standard simple lanyard for attachment to anchor points, providing safe fall arrest system.
  • Shock absorber end connects to the fall arrest point on the harness.
  • Snap hook and scaff hooks rated to 20kN.
  • Range of other hardware options available.
  • The yellow cover can be opened to inspect the shock absorber and labels. Protect the shock absorber from environmental damage, keep closed when using lanyard.
  • Permitted to work in potentially explosive areas.


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