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Pinnacle Volt helmet

ZERO  Pinnacle Volt – Electrical Helmet

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Fluro yellow, Green, Red, White, Black, Blue, Orange

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Latest helmet technology from the EU. The Pinnacle Volt helmet is a hybrid rated for electrical insulation to 1000V and true multi-impact protection, making it ideal for the electrical and linesman industries for head protection and work at heights. Versatile and rugged, includes slots for cap attached ear protectors and capacity for direct fit visors.

Light and comfortable helmet with an attractive design, designed for electrical, linesman, industrial, construction, work at heights, arborist and abseil use: particularly where there is risk of electric shock or arc flash.

The helmet is also rated for molten metal splash and lateral deformation. Includes mountaineering impact and electrical insulation certifications ensuring the ** helmet meets the new regulations for work at heights, electrical industry as well as applications where the chin strap must not be releasable and the helmet can withstand multiple blows and prevent penetrations from various angles.

Standards; EN12492:2012; EN397:2012 (Parts 440VAC/ Lateral deformation/ Low temperatures -40�C/ Molten steel) EN50365:2002 (Class 0) 1000VAC, 1500VDC

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Fluro yellow, Green, Red, White, Black, Blue, Orange


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