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SYNC Electo Earmuff- Helmet Attached-Pair

Acts as a passive earmuff for sounds above 85dB.

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Electo combines the entertainment benefit of our FM Radio earmuff with advanced sound amplification technology that allows wearers to hear important communications other co-workers, alarms and important warning signals at a safely amplified level, while listening to the radio. Positioned microphones provide more natural, directional hearing. Through advanced response technology, Electo amplifies incoming sounds to 82dB, then acts as a passive earmuff for sounds above 85dB.

Digital FM tuning with LCD display.
High quality FM reception.
10 station memory presets.
Audio input jack; 3.5 mm cable included.
Radio and audio volume does not exceed 82 dB.
Sound amplification allows wearers to hear important communication alarms/warning signals, co-workers voices.
Directionally placed stereo microphones amplify and enhance sound for more natural hearing.
Separate controls for sound amplification and radio volume.
Lightweight design provides all-day comfort.
Reinforced fork slides for easy and comfortable fit.
Features patented Airflow Control Technology – snap-in ear cushions make replacement quick and easy.
101 hour battery life from two (2) AA batteries included.
Note: Helmet not included
Supplied with a set of 3 helmet adapters to fit most common NZ hard hat brands

Standard AS/NZS 1270:2022
SLC80 Rating 26dB – Class 5


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