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Honeywell Leightning L1 cap attached earmuff

Cap attached ear muff

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When you’re in a rough industrial environment and need to block out noise, the Leightning L1H cap mounted earmuff by Howard Leight features a steel wire construction and provides high performance and robust durability.
Leightning stands up to daily use and abuse without compromising comfort.
Leightning works well in extreme temperatures/humidity and under aggressive chemical influences.

⇒ Air Flow Control™ Technology provides better, consistent attenuation, especially at low frequencies.
⇒ Optimal protection for virtually all noise frequency environments.
⇒ Robust design withstands demanding use, especially in tough environments.
⇒ Snap in ear cushions makes cushion replacement quick and easy.
⇒ Padded foam headband delivers long wearing comfort.
⇒ Minimal headband pressure on the head.
⇒ Telescoping height adjustment for individual setting and personalized comfort, and remains fixed during use.
⇒ Contemporary design improves worker acceptance and compliance.
⇒ Low profile cup
⇒ For use with wide range of popular hard hats
⇒ Earcups snap-lock in place during use and can rotate back when not in use.

Three different adaptors provided with the muff to ensure it will fit your existing hard hat.


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