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ANA absorbent fibre

Ana fibre in sturdy bags


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ANA-fibre is measured and sold by volumetric weight. By its very nature, dry ANA-Fibre can vary in weight while not changing significantly in volume.

The absorbency of ANA-Fibre is affected by the viscosity of a spill; this means you will require less ANA-Fibre to absorb a thicker liquid than a thinner liquid of the same volume. Likewise, many external factors can affect absorbency including humidity, surface conditions, etc.

When purchasing ANA-Fibre, keep this general rule in mind: One kilogram of fibre will absorb 3-5 litres of hydrocarbons depending on viscosity and conditions.

Loose ANA-Fibre packaged in sturdy plastic bags. Designed to be poured onto a spill to soak up oil or chemicals.

When placed on hydrocarbon-contaminated water, it will float and naturally clump together as it absorbs the spill, making it easy to scoop from the water.

Will absorb up to five times its dry body-weight in litres of contaminant.

Small bag is 5kgs. Large is 15kgs.

Also available in 3kg and 25kg bags on request-POA

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S, L


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