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Aero burn gel pump spray 50ml

Burn gel spray pump

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  • Provides effective treatment and fast relief from the pain of burns.
  • Rapidly cools the burn – minimising tissue damage and aiding the healing process.
  • Provides a sterile barrier against contamination.
  • It’s water based non-toxic gel is water soluable and can be readily rinsed off should further medical treatment be required.
  • Contains a natural antiseptic (Melaleuca Oil) – the best of science and nature.
  • Cooling Clinical trials demonstrate that Melaleuca Oil (tea Tree) hydrogel dressings are as effective as cold water in cooling a burn and increasing the rate of wound healing.
  • Burnaid is easy and convenient to use and unlike water stays in place on the burn and keeps cooling without repeated application.
  • Pain Relief Melaleuca Oil’s anaesthetic properties help provide rapid pain relief.
  • Unlike water, Burnaid provides ongoing pain relief.


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