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3M Protecta Self Retracting Life Line 3.3M

3.3M Self Retracting Life Line

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SRL’s employers can economically replace simple lanyards with the versatility and added safety of a 3.3 m SRL. The compact and lightweight design is barely noticeable on your back and stays out of the worker’s way These Rebel™ SRL’s feature a 140 kg user capacity, and a robust design to ensure longevity An SRL’s lifeline will extend as the user moves away, and retract automatically enabling the user to move about within a recommended working area at normal speeds Should a fall occur, a speed sensing brake system will activate stopping the fall within centimeters, providing more protection at low heights and reducing the forces imposed on the user to safe levels.

Certified to AS/NZS 1891.3:1997
Certified to EN 360:2002


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