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3M Protecta First Harness & Lanyard Combo – With Snap Hook

Harness & Lanyard Combo

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3M™ Protecta® First Industrial harness with integral lanyard w/snap hook AT010621590 1390063A Adjustable 2m Lanyard, Snap hook end.

The FIRST™ line of fall protection products from PROTECTA® was designed around a simple concept; provide a fundamental fall protection line with exceptional value. Utilizing extensive research, the FIRST™ line was assembled to provide fall protection in a wide variety of circumstances while maintaining a focus on value and safety. FIRST™ offers all the necessary elements for a complete fall protection system and allows the user to choose components based on personal preference and job constraints. In addition to offering economical compliance, FIRST™ is built with our legendary quality and reliability, fall protection gear you can trust.

The PROTECTA® FIRST™ harnesses distribute fall forces over the upper thighs, pelvis, chest and shoulders. They provide an attachment point on the worker for the personal fall arrest system.

  • Industrial harness with front and rear fall arrest rated D-ring
  • Adjustable leg, chest & pelvic straps
  • Adjustable 2m Lanyard
  • Snap hook end


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