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3M DBI-SALA EZ-Stop Shock Absorbing Lanyard -single tail

Shock Absorbing Lanyard

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Elasticated, 2.0m overall length with 9503319 snap hook and 07153 scaffold hook

Our EZ-Stop™ shock absorbing lanyards have a build quality that is second-to-none, making them the workhorse of the industry. Today’s EZ-Stop™ represents the culmination of decades of design, research, manufacturing know-how and on-the-job performance. EZ-Stop™ lanyards are as tough as the guys who use them. They combine strength and ease of use providing a safe and secure means of connecting your FUZE Fall Protection harness to a secure anchorage point. They feature a controlled tearing action that when subjected to a fall are designed to quickly and effectively arrest a fall, whilst minimising shock loads on the body. Constructed from either webbing (flat or elasticated), wire cable or rope, they are available in either single, double tail, adjustable or tie-back configurations with a combination of hooks and karabiners to suit your specific needs and applications.


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