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3M DBI-SALA EZ-Stop Shock Absorbing Lanyard

3M stop shock absorbing lanyard

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Elasticated, 2.0m overall length with 9503319 snap hook and 01753 scaffold hooks

Our EZ Stop™ shock absorbing lanyards have a build quality that is second to none, making them the workhorse of the industry. Today’s EZ Stop™ represents the culmination of decades of design, research, manufacturing know how and on the job performance. EZ Stop™ lanyards are as tough as the guys who use them. They combine strength and ease of use providing a safe and secure means of connecting your FUZE Fall Protection harness to a secure anchorage point. They feature a controlled tearing action that when subjected to a fall are designed to quickly and effectively arrest a fall, whilst minimising shock loads on the body. Constructed from either webbing (flat or elasticated), wire cable or rope, they are available in either single, double tail, adjustable or tie back configurations with a combination of hooks and carabiners to suit your specific needs and applications.

  • 2.0 metre double tail elasticated lanyard
  • Elasticated webbing lanyard tails
  • Compact energy absorber with clear cover
  • Energy absorbing design limits fall arrest forces
  • Double action snap and scaffold hooks on ends
  • User friendly self locking connectors
  • Rated to 160kg
  • Impact indicator
  • i-Safe™ enabled


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